Centrifugal Finishing Machine / Working Principle Of SUPER FIN

Centrifugal Finishing Machine

SUPER FIN centrifugal finishing is a unique high energy mass finishing process. In this machine four barrels are mounted on the periphery of the roating turret. 

As turret roates along its axis at high speed, centrifugal force is generated inside the barrels. These barrels are also rotated along its own axis (straight axis or skew axis) in opposite direction.

Each barrel contains media, finishing compound, water and parts to be finished. 

Due to rotation of turret & barrel, media inside barrel rub against the parts under pressure. The high pressure sliding / rubbing action of media performs the surface finishing of the parts and reduces finishing time to just a few minutes from many hours.

SUPER FIN is ideally suited for high quality finishing. It can process even fragile & delicate parts without any distortion.

Super fin with removable barrels

SUPER FIN with Removable Barrels
In this type of SUPER FIN barrels are of detachable type. Barrels are removed from the machine for loading & unloading of parts & media.

By keeping one set of spare barrels, the idle time of machine during unloading / loading can minimized and so the output from the machine can be maximized.

The barrel rotation axis can be straight or skew as per requirement of the process. Turret & barrel rotation speed (RPM) & can be made variable by incorporating VSD (variable Speed Drive) .

The machine is provided with manual sorting table for part media separation.


Technical Specification
SUPER FIN with Fixed Barrels

SUPER FIN with Fixed Barrels

In this type of SUPER FIN machine barrels can not be removed from the machine or unloading/ loading. Barrels are kept fixed in the machine because it is not possible to remove barrels manually from the machine as it will be very heavy due to larger volume). 

In this SUPER FIN barrel content (parts, media, water & finishing compound) is unloaded on a vibratory sorting table placed below. The motorized inching for turret & barrel is provided. With this provision individual barrel can be positioned over sorting table & then barrel can be rotated slowly to unload the content inside on the vibratory sorting table. Through sorting table water is removed to drain, part & media separated by size separation using suitable perforated screen.

Axis of barrel rotation can be straight or skew as required for the process. The turret & barrel RPM can eighter be fixed or variable using VFD.


Technical Specification
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