Vibratory Finishing Machines
Centrifugal Finishing Machines
Effecient & Economical


VIBRO Other Types :

Reverse Separation

* Useful when parts are smaller than media.

* Parts will fall down from screen & guided out of  the bowl & media on the    screen  re-circulated in the bowl.      

Long Radius Machines

* To increase the travel time of component in media, the longer path is    provided.

* Part can be processed in single pass or multipass.

* When processing is in single pass it can be used as continuous production    machine and as  batch production when multipass.      


Dome Vibrator

* The dome shape increases volume of media in given section and hence more    cutting /polishing pressure. 

* In certain applications process time reduction of 10 – 15% is observed.    

Spiral Dome Vibrator

* When critical processes require 100% discharge of parts from the bowl & 100%    part-media separation ( when batch mixing is not allowed), this VIBRO-FIN is    recommended (SPA Series can also be used).   

2-in-1 Vibrator

* Deburring & Drying together in single equipment. Saves space and labour.

* Designed as per specific need.

Fixtured Vibrator

* To process very critical & delicate parts.

* Part to part touching is100% eliminated .

Flow Through Vibrator

* For single pass finishing of parts. (can be used for multiple pass as well).

* Vibrator has Inlet & Outlet provision.