Vibratory Finishing Machines
Centrifugal Finishing Machines
Effecient & Economical


Simple Control Panel

*With or without timer option.

*Gives electrical protection to special vibratory motor.

*Motor rotation direction can be reversed (as required during unloading).

Control Panel with V S D
*It helps in controlling the vibration intensity while processing soft, fragile parts.

*Lower motor speed is useful for controlled discharge of components from bowl.

Dosing Panel
*Electronic Pump for feeding liquid finishing chemical.

*One or more pumps as per requirement.

*Rotameter for adding water to finishing chemical for diluting to required   strength.

*Rotameter for adding water in larger quantity during wash operation.

Loading Conveyor
*For loading of components into vibratory bowl.

*Many other customized options available to suit particular application like   Hydraulic loader, Bucket conveyor etc.

Sound Cover
*For Reducing noise level below 60 db.

*Restricts splashing of foaming finishing compound.

*It may be manually operated or by pneumatic cylinder using electrical pulse.

PLC Panel
*Easy to maintain & gives flexibility of operation.

*Touch Screen or Traditional HMI.

*It can fully integrate the operations of all the modules viz. Loading Conveyor,   Sound Cover, Dosing Panel, Drain, Flapper Actuation, Transfer Conveyor, Dryer   Etc.

Vibratory Sorting Table
*Used for separation of media, component and water in SUPER-FIN.

*Two Vibro motors give uniform lateral movement to media and components.

* It can be used as transfer table, oiling table, washing table etc. in  a finishing    system.

Magnetic Pick Up

* For separation of ferrous parts from media when size separation is not possible    due to near same size of media and parts.

* De-magnetriser can be incorporated for removal of residual magnetism in the    parts.

* Useful utility when many different sizes of parts in small batches are required    to be processed in one machine.

Belt Dryer

* Comprises of belt conveyor and hot air blowing arrangement ( open circuit or    close loop).

* Useful for bigger parts where corn cob drying is not recommended due to blind    holes ( clogging problem).

* Length of belt and heating capacity will be customized as per requirement of    specific component.

Transfer Conveyor

* Typically belt conveyor to interlink various modules of finishing system, like a    common dryer for  two or more Vibrators or transferring part to polishing    Vibrator after roughing operation etc.

Effluent Treatment Plant

* Used for trapping solid particles from  the liquid drained from Vibrator.

* To neutralize the liquid discharged from the bowl.

* System to be designed as per specific need.

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